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We will be part of the EUROBOIS fair in Lyon (France) on 14th - 17th June 2022.
Visit our booth 6K 156 and see our Crafter machine in action...

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PONTEC in off-site prefabrication

We were delighted when Roots & Roofs approached us with a request to supply our latest technology. We also really liked the concept of sustainable development and living in harmony with nature. Such an attitude is ideal for the deployment of our latest machining centre...

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Crossline 650

We made technical changes to extend the cutting width at sharp angles and fine-tune the machine to produce roof parts, short pieces, and double cuts.

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We are now supplementing the entire production process with a very important machine - the multifunctional machining bridge PONTEC...

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Progress 92

Window design is something we have been dedicated to for almost three decades. At first, you only accept the thoughts of others as saying that it is right. Then you dare to come up with your own solutions, but carefully, because...

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FP32.21 with accessories

Frame Press

The FP Series frame presses are perfect for producing a wide variety of joinery products, especially in frame constructions. Besides millwork, including windows and doors manufacturing, the frame press is also excellent for cabinetry shops for glueing up boards and cabinet boxes with the additional accessories...

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Framer Modular

Whether starting a new timber frame construction facility or adding new capacity to an existing workflow, the framing equipment must be robust and of the highest quality to handle the industrial production. The Framer Modular is a perfect solution for a new factory start-up and as a new additional working station.

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Wizard CNC machining centre for the knock-down production of window components

The knock-down production method of components is the most efficient way for window manufacturing. The Wizard preserves the traditional tenoned construction techniques....

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wooden house from GANSA Buildings

New prefab technology for timber frame houses in Ostrava

Last month a new machine installation in the Czech company GANSA Buildings was successfully completed. From the very first days of use...

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CNC Spectra put into operation remotely

The COVID situation with all the restrictions is definitely changing our daily stereotypes. What seemed unbelievable a few weeks ago is reality now....

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