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Czech machine manufacturing company SOUKUP ltd. has been focused mainly on the supply of machines for window and door producers. In 2008, the company designed and manufactured the first complete production line in the segment of timber frame houses. Since then, our company has supplied more than a dozen smaller and larger assembly technologies to the Czech market. The equipment, originally intended for the domestic market only, gradually spreads worldwide. Customers value especially the project and technical solutions tailored to their needs and possibilities.

Wooden buildings production - Arizona USA


Prefab panel line with a planned capacity of approx. 200 houses per year. The building system of American houses is characterized by large differences in panel dimensions in one building. Minimum unification with a height difference of up to 1 m between individual floors requires a special solution of assembly tables and finishing line. The whole plant must be better prepared for greater dimensional variability and quickly adjustable.

Production of metal panels - FINLAND


Modern building systems for the public sector also use a steel load-bearing structure for sandwich panels. These panels are manufactured up to a height of 4 m and a length of 9 m. They are made of steel bent profiles and are coated with steel or aluminium sheets. Two-sided window elements are finished and assembled during the panel production on the mounting tables in a vertical position.

Training assembly table - FRANCE


A technical (construction and timber) school has chosen the FRAMER PROFI assembly table from all European manufacturers. The universal solution allows the production of wall, shield, ceiling and roof panels at one installation site. Its high versatility, strength and simplicity have been recognized as the most appropriate solution for teaching their students in their small-scale production.

Production of 150 houses per year - CHINA


The combination of European know-how and Chinese investment has led to the establishment of an Estonian-Chinese woodworking production plant. The company Soukup provides complete technological equipment for timber frame houses production. Finished houses are designed primarily for the construction of residential and recreational houses of the Chinese higher class.

Project of wooden residential modules production - ESTONIA


Production technology is designed to produce a popular modular building system consisting of prefabricated panels. In Bohemia, the popular steel frame is replaced in these modules by a fully wooden load-bearing structure.

Article from Wood & Construction PROFI Special 2018