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The correct choice of window manufacturing machinery coupled with the careful preparation of the window design in cooperation with a tooling manufacturer are the key factors to future production success. Our team has the technical knowledge and practical experience to cope with the most demanding projects and can offer tailor made solutions for your business. 

Technical details will meet Building Regulation requirements for mechanical, thermal, weather and acoustic performance of windows. A BFRC Energy Efficient Window can be achieved and will allow increased sales through carefully structured marketing. CE marking is now a reality for all fenestration manufacturers and requires dedicated window designs for this to be achieved.

The proposed window designs will optimize production utilizing industrial hardware for enhanced security and full factory finishing. Carefully designed features of current bespoke products can simplify your miscellaneous existing window details in order to gain all the benefits of productive machine window manufacturing.

Our partner - tools manufacturer is Zuani company which is now part of TWT srl



ZUANI has been manufacturing the highest quality tools for windows and doors since 1972. A continuous development and search for new technical solutions brought Zuani woodworking tools for CNC machining centers and conventional machines to the highest level. A very important step for quality management is the certification ISO 9001, which together with the implementation of standard EN 847-1, ensure the safe performance of tools for customers.

A fully automatic production system from design, CAD CAM manufacturing operations to assembling and testing of the tools, delivers ultimate quality and a reliable product. 

The development team not only develop the tools but are also fully focused on needs of the customers. The company Zuani is involved in the development of window projects, assessment of thermal insulation of windows and window design development in many countries in Europe, America and Asia and works with leading machinery manufacturers on large and demanding projects. 




Shaped LOGIFIX knives operate in a recess placed at a compound angle and it provides a higher quality  finish than the machining tool composed of straight knives, spurs and chamfering knives. LOGIFIX system allows you to change a design by using another shaped knife in the same tool.

A special wedge clamping system holds the knife in the tool body. The knife is positioned on a locating pin without any use of a gauge. For higher removal rates and feeding speed the profiling tool consists of two different knives pre-cut and final cut LOGIFIX knives. 


NaDia – Diamond Coating

This nanotechnology coating is applied specifically to a woodworking insert carbide knife to extend its quality and longevity. 

Extensively tested by the largest woodworking factories internationally, the working life of these diamond-coated insert knives is increased by up to 300% due to its high hardness, low friction and anti-gripping properties. This means increased performance and less maintenance time in the shop.


ONE PROFILED INSERT                      HIGH TECH DETAILS                           TIME SAVING, LESS COSTS