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Crossline 500

The Crossline 500 automatic crosscut saw is equipped with a 500mm diameter rotating sawblade, servo driven electronic loading pusher and a static unloading table. This robust crosscut saw is designed to prepare material for wooden panel manufacturing. An optionally attached label printer automatically labels elements as they exit for easy identification in subsequent assembly. The Crossline 500 can become part of an integrated production control system when used in conjunction with data supplied from third party external software.

Crossline 500M

The basic Crossline 500 model can be supplemented with a grooving module, which is used mainly during prefabrication to position the studs in the panel construction precisely. The data for the location of the groove can be obtained in BTL format from the design program or entered in the WorkCreator program.

Width of the groove max 60 mm (according to tools).

Crossline 650

Automatic crosscut saw Crossline 650 is mainly intended for the production of trusses and is also used in furniture production, where we work with cutting angles.

The machine is equipped with a turntable with a ø650 mm sawblade facilitating angled cuts of ± 70°. The material is inserted into the machine by a servo-driven electronic pusher. The head of the material is automatically detected as it is pushed into the machine. The cutting accuracy is ensured by two upper and two side pneumatic clamps with individual control and adjustment. After the material is positioned, clamped, and the saw angle set, the saw blade automatically rises to perform the cut. After cutting, the material is released and pushed to the outfeed table.

The machine can work manually or automatically, linked to data from WorkCreator or third-party software providing BTL files.

Crossline 650M

Crossline 650M is supplemented with a grooving module. Its use is where we need to combine the production of trusses with the cutting of material for wall panels for the exact position of the studs in the structure.

Crossline 650M, thanks to its functionality, is an efficient complex solution and often is an alternative to complicated machining centres in the prefabrication of wood-based panels.

Width of the groove max 60 mm (according to tools).

cutting diagram for Crossline 500, 500M                                                        cutting diagram for Crossline 650, 650M


  Crossline 500 (500M) Crossline 650 (650M)
Saw blade diameter 500 mm 650 mm
Cut angle 90° 20° - 160°
Material lenght 6000 mm (9000, 12000) 6000 mm (9000, 12000)
Max. cutting height 120 mm 160 mm
Feed speed 0 - 60 m/min 0 - 60 m/min
Saw blade motor 7,5 kW (10 HP) 7,5 kW (10 HP)
Tolerance 0,5 mm/m 0,5 mm/m
Dust extraction 100 + 120 mm 120 + 120 mm
Touch screen control 10˝ 12˝
Lenght 11960 mm 13350 mm
Width 1210 mm 1270 mm
Height 1590 mm 1805 mm